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tv   Headline News  RT  June 29, 2014 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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no civilians will be killed a war in. a tentative peace is extended in the east of ukraine as both the army and anti-government fighters voted to uphold the cease fire but reports of violations surfacing throughout the week. mark obama gives in to pressure from washington hawks asking the senate to approve five hundred million dollars worth of aid to syrian rebels despite extremists taking advantage of previous deliveries. in the recording poland's foreign ministry equates his own country to a submissive sex partner and alliance with the u.s. as worthless and harmful.
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to the world you're watching the weekly here on r t international i mean i don't mean welcome. a true sprott relative calm to ukraine this week as both the army and government fighters in the east to greet to hold fire until monday sporadic attacks however are still breaking out the cease fire plan involved a lot of diplomatic effort was supported by key countries including russia just a reminder the week long truce was declared in the east on friday that was followed by talks between kiev and the self-proclaimed republics for the first time since the conflict started the republics voted to recognize the ceasefire in the presence of russian un international monitors then on whedon state a presidents of ukraine and russia as well as the french and german leaders discuss the peace process over the phone the same day the legal permission for the use of russia's military force in ukraine if needed was cancelled of lobby or putin's
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request this friday the truce was extended for three more days with government forces promising to abide by it the peace effort also saw the monitors really stuffed or they were detained in the dinette region while civilians tired of the military operation clearly support the political drive for stability the good news they're not going to give them but neither. was last let us know that but i don't need to. begin to look for you right now when you know we don't know when you actually do although you could because it's. not short on we were put off from a. rise in the push if i say yeah you wisdom or you know my good day michigan you should think that here is the notion that measure pretty good for the coalition we're going to. do you can get the route. this is the lead has footage from the eastern ukrainian city of slovyansk where the
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truce doesn't seem to be holding. we're encouraged to they started firing from the mountain with ukrainian troops residential areas of the city it went on for. five minutes i've seen it's all i've got the photos on my phone the burn scars the destroyed marketplace houses riddled with holes three people were killed and many more wounded and we haven't searched all the buildings yet. the cease fire was breached by both sides several times for the people in the city of kramatorsk claim their city was shelled on numerous occasions the village of preval noirs saw a spike in violence with one woman reportedly killed there and in sloviansk a woman and her twenty six year old son perished in army shelling. in battle city self defense forces took control of a military control checkpoint on confirmed reports tame the army then launched the country attack but the last twenty of its own soldiers while shelling close to the russian border so a checkpoint it by a mortar shell hit hardest by the conflict are those who can't fend for themselves
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as artie's maria fanaa died at an orphanage caught in the conflicts. these came home for abundant special needs children on the outskirts of lugansk aims to be an oasis of calm and to include. children here have food toys but most importantly love. there are eight to six children they scare house all younger than three years old it's been a home and the coal is a home you has who are all of them that once war reached its walls it's no longer safe. mines and shells blend just a couple of kilometers away. and while the youngster had no concept of the danger for the adults it's a different story now surrounded it as the lord's in but honest it's so hard actually more than half our kids cannot move they're either too small or they have
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motor problems some have cerebral palsy they need special care any even if we want to evacuate them we need a very special place just like ours is very hard to do. she was of atlanta a mother herself and tries to remain positive but it's no easy matter no one can say how dangerous it becomes when they start firing here an internet compelling saved in boss kids was launched to draw attention to this particular case as well as many all the orphanages and care homes that have suddenly found themselves on the front line and where the sounds of shelling and firing have increasingly replaced gentle lullabies. lugansk in eastern ukraine writer and foreign affairs surge a trip call which believes the ukrainian authorities are using the peace process to drag out a war of attrition. it is pretty obvious that the ukrainian military and the
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regular army has no stomach for the fight and that the fanatics from galicia who are the backbone of the so-called national guard which is really the right sector dressed into regular national guard uniforms are not able to do the job so it is far better to grego the crisis at the lower level of intensity of violence then to try and force the issue in a way that might indeed result in some dramatic bloodshed right now members of a national guard squad have returned to kiev for a rally they are demanding an end to the truce on the resumption of the military operation a crowd gathered in independence square which earlier this year became the creator of the riots saying that i've said the previous authorities of ukraine. feeling from the conflict in the easter tens of thousands of ukrainian refugees the u.n.
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estimates over one hundred thousand people have crossed the border with russia since the beginning of the military operation but the us has once again expressed died a bite those numbers saying the source is not credible. since the start of two thousand and fourteen one hundred and ten thousand ukrainians have arrived in russia we just have seen no evidence to support that we don't believe they're credible we're watching we just don't think that the hundreds of thousands number is credible we don't have anything to cooperate at but this is the u.n. this isn't the russians this is the united nations and there's this is an agency telling you guys give millions and millions of dollars to and they're now well that we don't have anything to back up that number matt. coming up a look at the deal less firmly realigned ukraine towards europe there's still the end in sight for the conflict in the east one which washington accuses russia of falling but as we reported later america's sanctions plans are hitting us and i get on. poland's foreign minister has been secretly taped
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comparing his country to relationship with the u.s. to a sexual act according to a leak by a polish online magazine writer sikorsky believes his country is essentially pleasing america with little in return which according to him mix warsaw is subservient partner in fact he say's it gets worse not only is the alliance with america worthless but it has eliminated poland's biggest neighbors russia and germany moscow was somewhat sympathetic to his comments though saying the cross language was most likely a response to similar hurtful comments made by the us deputy secretary of state so that would be great i think to help blew this thing and have the u.n. help glue it and you know. it's not just the u.s. the polish foreign minister is less than satisfied with sikorsky pulled no punches when speaking about the u.k. prime minister's dealings with euro skeptics suggesting david cameron budget
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pressure and went soft when he should have stayed strong as if that wasn't enough of course he went on to remember other times he believes cameron misfired politically saying he's not likely to change needless to say they embarrassed only frank diplomatic conversation has caused quite a stir here's what some of the commentators we talked to are saying. let me start which is obvious far for everyone here in poland for most of the analysts as does the voice only to share by most of the population here actually it raises other troubling questions about the judgment of a man who is after all his country's chief diplomatic representative who aspires to be the chief diplomatic representative of the entire european union and the governments he has been so scathing about the governments of britain and the united states the very countries which have supported him throughout his career into which he owes so much i think it shows that there is a real awareness among the circles of power in poland as to what the relationship with the united states has really brought them which is nothing and more news and
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views coming up this hour including resistance is futile we look at every armed swat units are being used to read suburban houses across the u.s. spreading fear of fatalities along the way. living on the syrian rebels because soon benefit from some half a billion dollars the u.s. plans to splash on their equipment and training following months of pressure from washington's war hawks president obama asked congress to approve massive aid to the anti assad fighters just a year ago washington gave the green light for a non-lethal aid to reach so-called moderate rebels but that leader ended up in the hands of jihadists anyway and america was forced to suspend the aid whoever earlier this month america admitted it's been convert lee sending actual weapons to the opposition experts warn the us has not learnt by its own mistakes. the obama policy from the beginning has been for regime change as we saw in libya as we saw in
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ukraine and we've seen in other parts of the world and so now the administration is going to be providing if approved by the congress higher quality weapons to the rebels but the rebels are into mission with the if they can interchange an interconnected with all the jihad and the jihad is control large part of territory they control large checkpoints the united states appears to have a schizo front of foreign policy there they're saying they demand unity in iraq behind the central government which is fighting what they call islamic extremist from sis and at the same time they're funding these same armed groups in syria to take down an independent nationalist and sovereign government in syria what the u.s. is doing and has been doing this finally in money guns and more occupation tools in a region that it considers to be vital because it's resource rich that's about it. iraq has learned the hard way how us aid come be used for all the wrong reasons
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right now some american hardware including several humvees are being used by extremists there the equipment was cultured off the jihad is to control of iraqi army warehouses the extremists are continuing their advance on baghdad with fierce fighting around fifty kilometers from the capital. there's also the starving evidence as to who is being forced to join the militants ranks as you can see in this video boys on with automatic rifles are traveling in an isis convoy some children are also reportedly being used to snipers by to harvest it all equates to iraq being pushed to the brink of reports. despite the chaos spreading across the country and home in the kurdish capital the city is just sixty kilometers from the isis front line but a downtown erbil it was business as usual kurdistan has often felt like a separate country altogether even at the height of iraq's most violence and bloodiest moments now but the current crisis threading the country to pieces it's
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closer than ever to becoming one kurdish soldiers are now in control of territory that used to be disputed but no one here seems to think that just harvest would dare march on them. but i have full faith in the forces the one lets anything happen. for some the prospect of a divided or rock was a welcome one do you think that iraq war made of one country as we know what's after this crisis may be this it may be that iraq will have to be divided will have area and the sunnis and shias will have there is no one in kurdistan is more and we have oil we have a strong army. they may have oil but fuel is running scarce for days now iraqi forces battled with isis for control of the country's largest oil refinery this is one of the first things you notice here in our build these massive gas lines some of the cars have been here for hours since the morning many
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people in fact camped out overnight to try to get online so they can get gas frustrated residents line up to get their share authorities have limited each individual to thirty leaders that's less than what it takes to fill two tanks the people we've spoken to said there haven't been lines like this for fuel since big outbreak of the u.s. led invasion back in two thousand and three and although there are shortages here in erbil parts of northern iraq have run out of gas even on the black market and so people are stocking up they say that they don't know what the ring the fear is that if you get a lot worse before it gets better that's a sentiment we heard from many here and it's not just a nice fleeing the violence we encountered shia refugees to foxtel gonzi job or came here six days ago from baghdad in baghdad the situation has gone from bad to worse people are arming themselves and getting ready to fight one another all you see the future is bloodshed and violence if something doesn't change iraq will be
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a country of new friends and we do see caffein of erbil iraq. the news continues here in r.t. after a short break. there's a medium leave us so we leave that maybe. by the sea potion security play your part of the musical. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics only on our team. for. now a. part. of one. night
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. ukraine finally signed a trade agreement with the e.u. this week the feel you're of the country's previous leader to do so is what sparked the ukrainian crisis leading to the current civil conflict however the new leader insists this is just the first step of closer ties with europe we see that.
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ukraine as a european country under the forty nine article will have an opportunity. for the membership perspective this is a very important for ukrainians to work up a financially challenge europe still doesn't appear to be quite ready for ukraine the use commissioner for enlargement has said kiev still needs to prove its european credentials on and not reforms the block's energy commissioner has warned the be a light for greece is peanuts compared to what will be needed to save kiev's economy the president of the european commission says the e.u. is simply not ready to welcome ukraine right now and that sentiment is also echoed by the foreign minister of europe's power heise germany which comes as no surprise to financial experts patrick young. ukraine which last year was in a catastrophic position how that signed a free trade association this year is going to associate with the european union out the point when it's on the brink already of economic disaster this is a cop
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a strong move for the ukrainian economy the only winners i do this are a few sadly deluded egos whether they are in brussels whether they are in washington who believe some they've achieved a great geo political victory for the people of ukraine there are no jobs to be hired here there's only going to be job losses right from the outside washington's been blaming russia for funding the conflict in ukraine and threatening sanctions on unless it stops but america's plans are facing staunch opposition from western businesses and here's why russia being an emerging market with a growing income has been quite attractive for u.s. companies the possibility of being cut off from the market is making american business bosses nervous but just who is involved in russia well boeing by nearly a third of its teeny i'm here in the country is also one of the fastest growing markets for pepsi u.s. car manufacturers also have a huge interest in the russian market with general motors and ford selling tens of
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thousands of feet close here last year alone the chamber of commerce on the national association of manufacturers have launched a campaign to explain just why new sanctions will backfire they say had to leave u.s. companies scrambling to keep up with firms from other countries earlier we spoke to the president of the franco russian chamber of commerce and industry. it should have been because they actually. put it you could see why no. good economy could sink showed so we need two ways over but. they should not do it again they should use diplomacy to do so do the ukrainian those crises using you know taking into host. companies with us. french companies this is something which is unacceptable for us what the sanctions are doing is isolating the united states' economy and instead of isolating russia they were meant to isolate russia but given the trend of world trade for all of the exports
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that russia has and for diplomacy there isin their backfiring in isolating the united states it's a very strange business logic it doesn't make sense logically so it has to be. on available right now online for you we report on wiki leaks documents detailing what nato's i going chief created to land his job in the first place. also online the united nations steps in to see if there are the rights to water for the people of detroit where the bankruptcy has cut off supplies to thousands of low income people who have not paid their bills. armed to the teeth u.s. water units are bringing war zone tactics to the suburbs but a report by the american civil liberties union says the aggression of highly trained combat units is reaching extremes most operations in recent years targeted private property believed to be linked to narcotics but less than ten percent of
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the eight hundred raids examine actually dealt with active gun users or hostages during the last four years such operations have left seven civilians dead and almost fifty injured. just nineteen month old infant was among the victims he was severely injured by a flash bang grenade hurled into a scrape by a swat team leaving him in a coma a family spokesman told in the hopes that by the incident you can watch the full interview online. this flash grenade was tossed into a room with four small children the tragedy of course was that it landed in the plane in the folds of on but it was for small children that were living in this space where this explosive device was thrown there had been reports that there was no way to know that there were young children in this household that is totally false we find statistically people of color people in low income
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areas and communities good deal with this kind of blunt force if you're any influence to community or if you have any influence personally you can be a knock at the door even a courtesy call same surrendered during the assault but saw the baby injured with a grenade the hospice turned upside down in the search for drugs but there were none now the family demanded a federal investigation into why they were targeted and to find those responsible and it's not the only one in the case either when innocent civilians have become the victims of violent raids twenty six year old to reka wilson was unarmed and holding her baby son when she was shot dead by an officer stormed into her heists with sin was not a suspect the officer shot blindly a party taking her for a drug dealer the baby was injured but survived sixty eight year old grandfather of twelve yuri stomps a party did everything the police asked of him in another raid but he was shot dead two when a firearm discharged he wasn't
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a suspect in the previous case was mistaken. skinny jeans beards total a nazi slogans meet the latest recruits of the extreme right in germany the media has even come up with a word to describe the movement. yes there you. from selfies on instagram on a blog on tumblr too neal nazi hip hop the extreme right is keeping up with the times there's even a vegan nutty cooking show or in each episode to chop the men wearing balaclavas explain to viewers how to make an array of dishes journalist john wright spoke from berlin shared his thoughts on the strained. trend. colorful sunglasses and they had these funny looking camera shoes with stars and piercings kind of for the beards like as long as no answers have been around the
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always been trying to copy youth subcultures you know skinheads were originally kind of a proletarian youth culture you have in germany. the way to start the same way like any other night is you had one thousand five hundred people or more out on the street blockade in the ninety's actively. preventing them from going on the route. just like all the other. fashion trends come and go there secretary of unite against fascism warns that this trend is making the unacceptable acceptable. early seventy's and eighty's in the ninety's it was seen that fascist movements have all tried to do this in terms of plugging into youth culture the real danger is at the moment subtly the high votes with lots of organizations of thought for the first time since the war not so organization has been elected to the european parliament and this means that the hipsters and the people trying to shape fashion trying to make it sceptical it's up to pull and that's the reason why
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i believe that they should be blocked they should be excluded and they should be no part of our society because what they want to reintroduce is the holocaust and we should never forget the nazi war that came with it and i think we should stand against it there's nothing to provoke even nazi. for some more news from around the world in our rescue teams in the districts through the rubble left by the collapse of a twelve story building in southern india that killed at least nine people a few hours before a separate building collapse in new delhi left at least eleven dead and dozens trapped when it a lot but a residential two elling came down officials say heavy rain is to blame along with poor maintenance on low quality construction materials. people remain missing after reentry a landslide in a province inside that west china witnesses say the villagers were collecting herbs at the site when they were buried by the sudden fall of earth and rocks china's meteorological authorities have sent out on alert as many southern chinese regions
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have been extreme extreme rain storms in recent weeks two people also died in the same province earlier this week as houses were submerged and a number of bridges collapsed. and anger over the huge amount spent on the world cup has led to yet more protests in the streets of brazil within two hundred trying to march to the maracana stadium in rio de janeiro but were stopped by several demonstrators were wrestled to the ground and detained the anti world cup rallies began last year and have occurred more or less daily ever since. when the temperature is rising there's a little more refreshing than a cooling shower at least according to one polar bear in siberia take a look the animal decided to waltz in prepared to wait for his pool to be filled up and simply laid on under the gushing water to live investors to this to capture them moments on camera the charleville all the way to becoming i he chewed
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sensation. he's loving it coming up after a short break our to examine some myths of goebbels and nazi propaganda campaigns to stay with us. we'll get to the truth when muslim show thirty four countries spend over fifteen billion euros in full she says to teach one hundred fifty million degrees with one token mock tool to sell from st petersburg to france we travel in search of the song. knowledge update we've got the future covered.
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as a new physician i swear to abide by the hippocratic oath. to the best of my ability and judgment. i will prescribe for the good of my patients. i will not give deadly doses to anybody. or advise of those to do so. i will never do harm to any one. doctors of the doc's on onto. this is what we do kill people and break things. we can see something if simple as people playing soccer games you can see individual players and you can see the ball . i can almost see is facial expression you can see is now pope in
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crying out. maybe cursed us or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured. alive repeated a thousand times becomes the truth the man who said that even proved it the lie became part of himself and the system he served his name was joseph he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda the myths that he created exist to this day.


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